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Sleep 'Lavender' - 12 Pack

Sleep 'Lavender' - 12 Pack

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Sleep 'Lavender' 12 oz. Sparkling Seltzer + CBD by ChargeRx™

Quantity: 12 Pack


Turn your mind off and the sleep on!

 Care Instructions

Best when enjoyed cold and refrigerated.



Hemp CBD and GABA, Magnesium and Latium to create your sleep cocoon.*
Helps provide restful sleep to wake up ready for a new day.*
Natural Flavors and Sweetener for a healthy GREAT TASTE!
Gluten Free.  Vegan.  Less Than 75 Calories – Low Calorie.

Active Ingredients

25mg Hemp CBD
Un Plugged with Vitamin D, GABA, Magnesium, Lemon Balm and Lactium
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