Our Philosophy

No More Surges. No More Crashes. Just Pure Energy.

Charge Energy was developed for one reason…

To provide people a safer and more effective way to gain energy all day long. Our team stays awake at night worrying about things like your mind, body, and the way sugar and toxic chemicals impact your mind and body. We worry about the fact that a single packet of sugar (the very packet you put in your coffee in the morning) equals one gram of sugar. So, when you guzzle down a 20 gram energy drink, you’re consuming 20 packets of sugar! This is no joke.


And when you drink 3 energy drinks per day?

We’re talking at least $16/day and more than 60 packets of sugar pouring into your system. And then there’s caffeine — your body can only handle so much at a time. When you combine large amounts of caffeine with other energy boosting ingredients, fillers, and toxic chemicals, things get even worse. Even dangerous. This is why we’ve worked with a team of scientists and nutrition experts to create a pharmacy grade, time-released energy Additives that your body can love. No sugar. No fillers. No toxic chemicals. Charge Energy is a patent-pending, time-released formula that provides your body sustained energy for a full 8 hours. No need to keep popping pills or slamming down energy drinks. No surges. No crashes. For just over $1 per day, you can enjoy 8 straight hours of steady energy and focus.

No Toxic Chemicals

Pharmacy grade, time-released energy Additives with no toxic chemicals or additives to pollute your system.

No Strain On Your Budget

For just over $1 a day, you’ll enjoy 8 hours of steady energy and focus compared to up to $16 a day for the roller coaster ride of the leading energy drinks.

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