Not All Energy Additives Are Created Equal,
So Why Choose Charge Energy?

Developed by Pharmacists

You’re getting the best quality ingredients from real scientists.

Zero Sugar. Zero Crash.

No more spikes, crashes and jitters.

Time-Release Technology

Delivers a steady stream of energy for 8 hours straight.

Save Money

You can easily spend between $12-$16 on energy drinks per day.

Charge Energy: Sustained Energy for Your Mind & Body


Pharmacist Formula


Made in USA


30 Day Money-back Gurantee


No Sugars. No Fillers

ChargeRX | $29.00 $39.99
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Save BIG while saving the planet

  • $5,400/year

    Save as much as $5,400 a year by switching from energy drinks to Charge Energy. That’s a down payment on a car!

  • 48 lbs/year

    Save as much as 21,900 grams or 48 lbs of sugar a year. That’s sugar you won’t be putting into your body by switching to Charge Energy.

  • 1095 bottles

    Save up to 1095 bottles or cans a year from going into landfills by switching to Charge Energy.

Start Saving

The Time Release Difference


ChargeRx, because you don’t have time to crash.

For just over $1 a day, you’ll enjoy 8 hours of steady energy and focus compared to up to $16 a day for the roller coaster ride of the leading energy drinks.

ChargeRX | $29.00 $39.99
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